The Make it Pedagogical team has a clear vision for Education. This vision focuses on innovative pedagogies, i.e., new forms of teaching, learning and assessing. At the heart of this vision is the student as an active learner. We use two fundamental principles for this approach, which are “don’t teach what the student can learn for himself” and “students learn best when they are in control of their learning”, both statements by Emeritus Professor Mike Sharples – The Open University, UK.

Since education should not be restricted to the transmission of knowledge as something finished, in our vision the student is involved in projects that he helps to design, on research activities, group work, individual and collaborative reflection of knowledge. This vision changes the student involvement in the classroom activities but also the teacher’s role. Thus, in our view, the teacher:

•   is a mentor who helps students explore the topics more deeply. 
•   is the one that creates the opportunities for individual and collaborative learning.
•   helps searching for information rather than (just) teach.
•   encourages the students to explore content and not to be afraid of making mistakes and asking questions.
•   is responsible for rearranging learning spaces to support both individual and group work.
•   decides which resources the student should explore on his/her own.
•   is responsible for maximising classroom time by adopting active learning strategies.
•   continually observes his students, providing them with relevant feedback, and evaluates their work.
•   gives dedicated support to students who need it.