Workshop synopsis:
The “Augmenting Education” workshop offers educators and technology enthusiasts a comprehensive exploration of the potential applications and benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) in educational settings. This workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate AR seamlessly into their teaching practices, enhancing engagement and fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Workshop Objectives:
1. Understanding Augmented Reality.
2. Applications of AR in Education.
3. Creating AR Content for Education.
4. Enhancing Student Engagement with AR.
5. AR for Different Subjects and Grade Levels.
6. Overcoming Challenges and Best Practices.
7. Assessment and Evaluation in AR-Based Learning.

Target audience:
Teachers of all ages and specialities, and other professionals interested in education and training.

Participants will receive a detailed programme outlining the content and structure of the course, as well as recommended material relevant to the course contents. They will also receive practical information about the city of Porto, including places of interest and accommodation.

Working hours:
Monday morning (3h) and afternoon (1,5h), Tuesday morning (3h) and afternoon (1,5h), and Wednesday morning (3h) and free afternoon, Thursday morning (3h) and afternoon (1,5h), Friday morning (3h) and free afternoon.

400 Euros per participant for the five-day course (80 Euros per day). The course fee includes course material and a certificate.