We have ongoing several training programmes in Portugal. In each training programme, we involved around 20-25 teachers from all levels of school education. So far, we are close to 1.000 teachers who are undertaking MAKE-IT’s new approach: pedagogy-technology-space.

Training and follow-up of 20 Primary school teachers, covering 7 Clusters of Schools from Maia City Hall. Under the tune of learning anywhere and anytime we designed a training programme on mobile learning and the three Make it Pedagogical dimensions: pedagogy – technology – space.

Boticas – Future Classroom Lab
In articulation with Boticas City Hall and the Clusters of Schools Gomes Monteiro we are developing a training programme for 20 teachers and technicians in a new model of learning with technology through pedagogical approaches student-centred.

Paredes – Learning Lab, a resource to autonomy and curriculum flexibility
Since the Cluster of Schools of Paredes has an Innovative Educational Lab, we are developing training and follow-up activities for 20 teachers from Primary to Secondary schools. The goal is raising awareness for the pedagogical transformation with the use of technology, having in mind the 21st-century student profile.

Vila Nova de Cerveira – Innovative Learning Scenarios
With a digital storytelling approach improved by technology and the new learning spaces, we are training and follow-up to 20 Elementary school teachers from the Centro Escolar de Cerveira, in association with the Vila Nova de Cerveira City Hall.

Valença do Minho – Innovative Learning Scenarios
Training process with 20 teachers from the Cluster School of Muralhas do Minho with design and development of contents related to innovative educational scenarios.

Póvoa do Lanhoso – A New Learning Space
Through a process of awareness for the use of learning spaces using technology and new pedagogical approaches, we are training teachers from 2 School Groups of the Póvoa do Lanhoso City Hall. Three schools and 60 teachers of all levels of education.

Ponte de Lima – SchoolFor All
Within the framework of a City Hall project linked to Science 4.0 and the Climate Change, we are conducting training and follow-up to 80 teachers from Elementary to Secondary from Ponte de Lima. Training plan involves active methodologies with digital literacy and curricular flexibility.

Cabeceiras de Basto – Future Labs
Considering that the Cluster of Schools of Cabeceiras de Basto developed three new learning labs, we were responsible for the training process of 20 teachers from Primary School Education. The teachers are distributed in the three learning labs to develop curricular activities for pedagogical approaches student-centred and using the new learning spaces.

Celorico de Basto – Future Labs
Cluster of Schools of Celorico de Basto. We we were responsible for the training process of 20 teachers from Primary School Education.

Tabuaço – Future Classroom Lab
Tabuaço School Cluster. We are responsible for the training process of 20 teachers from.

Matosinhos – EPROMAT – Escola Profissional de Matosinhos
We are responsible for the continuing teacher training process in this institution.