Our mission is to contribute for better learning and put a smile on our students’ faces; that our students see the school environment as a place of pleasure and where they like to be.

We recognise that it is not constructive for the students to sit in the classroom listening to the teacher. We believe that it is crucial that students are encouraged to challenge their learning and not to be afraid of making mistakes, work together and reflect, taking their conclusions about what they are learning.

Thus, our approach to training is entirely innovative. In every training programme and each session, we work these three dimensions as a whole: Pedagogy – Technology – Space. 

Pedagogy • To consider different pedagogies: flipped learning, project-based learning, cooperative learning, collaborative learning, game-based learning, mobile robotics, … and so on.

Technology • To encourage the use of digital resources, highlighting their potential for teaching and learning processes.

Space • To promote a differentiated use of learning spaces: What is the new teacher’s role? What are the student’s options for different activities? 

In our training programmes, we inspire the use of these three dimensions, highlighting their potential for improving students learning.